Garages - United Steel Buildings LLC offers a large selection of steel garages to choose from. They are all made from high grade steel and will outlast garages made from other materials. Our high quality steel garages can be built to meet your exact needs and are available in three roof types (see Carports above) and 12 color choices. There are a wide variety of door styles and sizes available, including walk-in, roll up and even overhead doors which are available with an optional garage door opener. Doors can be located anywhere you desire, but if they are installed on the long side of a building, a door header is required at an additional cost. Please note that for garage doors 10 feet tall and under, the garage's side legs have to be at least 1 foot taller than the garage door's height. Larger garage doors require that the garage's side legs be 2 feet higher than the height of the door. Give us a call today for a free steel garage price quote (908) 565-1961. 

​​CarportsUnited Steel Buildings LLC sells the very best carports in the industry. Our carports are available in 3 different roof styles. Our standard style roof's sides roll over the edges by about a foot. Our A frame horizontal roof's panels run sideways along the length of the building. The sturdiest type of roof we offer is the A frame vertical, where the panels run vertically up and down the roof's pitch. We recommend this roof type for areas prone to heavy snow or wind loads. Heavy-duty 12 gauge framing is also recommended in those areas, as it can also withstand the higher snow and wind loads. We also can add extra trusses and purlings if necessary. Optional 3 foot panels on the sides of the carport provide for extra weather protection. If needed, the sides and ends of the carport can be completely closed in. Give us a call today for a free carport price quote (908) 565-1961.

Storage Sheds -United Steel Buildings LLC sells the very best steel storage sheds in the country! They are built to last by licensed, bonded and insured installers on your level land. Our storage sheds are available in three different roof styles (see Carports above). All of our storage sheds have a 3/4" treated plywood floor which sits on top of a 2 1/2" box steel frame, so the wood never touches the ground allowing it to last a very long time. All of the steel used in our storage sheds is galvanized for rust protection. Our storage sheds come standard with a 14 gauge steel frame which you can be upgraded to heavy-duty 12 gauge steel for a small additional cost. All steel sheeting is 29 gauge and powder coated to help keep maintenance to a minimum. We have 12 different mix and match colors to choose from. All of our storage sheds over 10 feet wide come standard with a 6 foot X 6 foot roll up door.  8 feet wide models feature a 72" X 36" walk in door. Optional windows and extra doors can be added to any storage shed. Give us a call today for a free steel storage shed price quote (908) 565-1961.

Buildings-United Steel Buildings LLC's certified installers will erect your steel building on level ground at your location at no additional charge as long as the legs of the building do not exceed 12 feet in height. Buildings with legs taller than 12' may incurr charges for equipment, plans and calculations. Concrete is not required for buildings 31 feet wide and narrower. Buildings wider than 32 feet require either concrete piers, footings or a slab. The price we quote does not include concrete, and United Steel Buildings LLC does not provide any concrete work. All steel buildings exceeding 32 feet in width are built using A frame vertical construction (see Carports above). There are many different door types and sizes to meet your needs. Optional windows can provide ventilation. Insulation can also be added at an additional cost. Steel buildings can be constructed using either standard 14 gauge or heavy-duty 12 gauge steel framing. Heavy-duty 12 gauge steel is recommended in areas where wind and snow loads are high. Our steel sheeting is 29 gauge and is galvanized to prevent rust. You can mix and match from 12 different steel sheeting color choices. We build buildings up to 70 feet wide and 18 feet high. Give us a call today for a free steel building price quote (908) 565-1961.

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Barns -United Steel Buildings LLC takes pride in offering the highest quality steel barns. We sell everything from run in sheds to large roping arenas. All of them are built from only the best materials available anywhere: 100% galvanized steel with zero maintenance and are available in 12 different colors. Run in sheds are only available in certain states, so make sure to give us a call today to get more information and a free price quote (908) 565-1961.

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